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Do I need to be home or leave for the cleaning?

It's really up to you! We have seniors, moms to be, and clients who are recovering from illness that stay home during the cleaning. We would love to see you, but if you prefer to leave the house that is completely up to you!


How do you access my home?

The most efficient way is for you to provide entry codes or leave a key out. 90% of our clients use this method. 


How do I pay for the cleaning?

We accept payment on the day of the cleaning by credit card, e-transfer, cash or cheque made payable to White Lilac Inc. The payment should be given to your cleaner. Interac bank payment via your online banking to


Will I have the same cleaner every time?

Yes, we know you will be more comfortable with your own dedicated lead cleaner. Your cleaner will head a team of cleaners as we work in teams of 2. Occasionally, to cover holidays or illness, we may substitute another lead cleaner.


Are you insured?

Yes. Our company has full liability coverage and all cleaners are bondable, insured and covered by WCB (Workers Compensation) for your complete protection.


Do I have to do anything to prepare my home for cleaning?

No, many of our clients like us to tidy up as well as clean but if you prefer us to spend more time cleaning you can assist by picking up toys, clothes, and de-cluttering.


What cleaning products/equipment do you use?

We provide all cleaning supplies with the exception of any unique products required for your home (eg. stainless steel cleaner, special floor products, etc).  Many  clients prefer we use their vacuum. Our vacuums are incredible and in many cases, save time. 


What if  I need to change a scheduled cleaning?

We know you lead a busy life and may need to change your cleaning date. Please call us at 587-830-3322 and we will be happy to change your time for you. We are also happy to add additional cleans to our schedule if you need us for special family occasions or dinner parties. 


What if my cleaning falls on a holiday?

Your cleaning will be rescheduled to an alternate day. You will be notified with your alternate date. Regular scheduled dates will resume following the holiday.


What if something gets broken or damaged?

We touch virtually every item in your home and unfortunately accidents may occur. Should anything be broken or damaged your lead cleaner will leave a note and report the damage to the office. We will have the item repaired or replaced as appropriate. Please help us to minimize breakage by securing all art, mirrors, shelving, etc.


What if I am not happy with a cleaning?

Service issues are rare. Should we ever fail to meet your expectations we ask that you contact our office within 24 hrs.  We will return to your home and re-clean any areas of concern. Our goal is your complete satisfaction. We continually look to improve, so comments and suggestions are always welcome.  


Do you have any special rates?

Some clients prefer to pay for 6 months at a time, in return we offer a discount rate, please call and ask for further details.

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