The White Lilac Special

The White Lilac Special is a brilliant gift for a loved one or a friend.

When we finish this special clean we leave a box of Lindt chocolates (in price included), 

just to show how much we care and to increase the ambience! 

The White Lilac special can also be purchased when you need a little extra help. We often receive calls from clients needing that little extra help following family difficulties or illnesses. If you have not been able to maintain your home, for any reason, we are here to help.

160.00$ + GST

Based on a 4h clean for a house up to 1800 sqft.

All of our cleans come with a checklist, so you know exactly what has been cleaned.

The checklist can be found and printed below.

Bedroom & General Areas will be spotless
Bathrooms will sparkle
Kitchens will shine

Click here to see and print the checklist

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